The Texas Compassionate Use Program (TCUP) is not meeting the needs of patients who could benefit from medical cannabis. State lawmakers are currently considering several proposals to improve the program, but they need to hear from supporters like you.


    The Texas Compassionate Use Program (TCUP) is one of the most limited medical cannabis programs in the nation. Lawmakers adopted improvements in 2019, but:

    The TCUP is leaving too many patients behind: There are more than one million Texas residents with debilitating conditions who are not allowed to participate in the TCUP but would qualify for medical cannabis in most other states. This includes patients with non-terminal cancer, auto-immune diseases, PTSD, and severe chronic pain.

    The TCUP is coming up short for participating patients: Many patients who qualify for the program still cannot access the products they need. The state has licensed only three dispensing organizations, and they can only provide products with extremely low levels of THC, a critical component of cannabis with proven medical value.

    Seriously ill Texans deserve the same access and treatment options as residents of neighboring states and the other 30-plus states with medical cannabis laws.

  • It is critically important that lawmakers expand the list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis and allow for a wider variety of medical cannabis products. This can be accomplished by:

    Icon of stethoscope encircling a pill pack with small leaf.

    Allowing Doctors to make the medical decisions.

    Physicians should be authorized to determine whether their patients could benefit from medical cannabis and the optimal products and dosage to meet each patient’s medical needs.

    Broken sign with hand signaling stop.

    Removing unnecessary restrictions on effective medical products.

    Lifting or increasing the state’s arbitrary cap on THC would allow for a broader spectrum of products and ensure the program is actually helping the patients it was intended to help.

  • We are committed to supporting legislation that promotes responsible regulation and patients’ rights as Texas expands access to legal medical cannabis. This includes:

    Outline of Texas state with three stores inside the border

    Licensing additional dispensaries and cultivators

    around the state to ensure all Texans who qualify for the TCUP have safe, legal, and reliable access to regulated, high-quality medical cannabis products.

    Lab test tubes half-filled and bubbling in holder.

    Authorizing independent, third-party cannabis testing

    by certified labs to protect consumers and hold businesses accountable. Independent labs cannot currently test medicine dispensed under the TCUP.

    Two hands holding up a shield with a medical cross inside.

    Establishing patient protections

    to eliminate the threats of arrest, prosecution, and other penalties, such as loss of parental rights. Patients should not be punished for their use of a medicine that is legal under state law.